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What is EXPLOSION COLLAPSE AND UNDERGROUND DAMAGE XCU ? A term for the hazards applied to certain work..In business liability insurance, this term is used to denote that these hazards apply to specific kinds of work..Written by highly regarded insurance experts, it provides key insight and practical guidance into a number of cutting edge areas, such as delay coverage and green construction, that are barely touched by most other publications..From what I read in the endorsement CG, I understand that coverage will apply even with the referred XCU exclusion endorsement, if the cause for BI PD is the insured’s exposure to “premises”, “prodcuts” and “completed operations”..About Me Name Duke Williams, CPCU Location Durham, North Carolina, United States I grew up as a third generation in the insurance industry. My Grandfather was a claims adjuster in . He said the claims office was in the front of the building and the card games and were in the backroom..XCU Don’t let this stealth exclusion ruin your General Liability Policy What few people outside of the insurance industry know is that on your policy you will find what is covered by looking at the exclusions, not the coverage section..Circumstance in which there is a probability loss to personal property or real property resulting from property damage, destruction, or disappearance. .Commercial general liability insurance written by major insurers also basically includes coverage for the explosion, collapse and underground XCU property hazards. Not long ago, the general practice was to cover the risks by endorsement, and that procedure is still followed by some companies..Meanings of XCU acronym and XCU abbreviation in Insurance. Get the definition of XCU in Insurance by All Acronyms dictionary. Top Definition Explosion, Collapse And Underground In Insurance..A prime example in construction contracts is the insurance requirement that the contractor or subcontractor obtain an endorsement for what is commonly referred to as XCU riskthat is, coverage .

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