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  • Glossary Of Insurance Terms

    Convertible Term Insurance Policy an insurance policy that can be converted into permanent insurance without a medical assessment. The insurer is required to renew the policy regardless of the health of the insured subject to policy conditions..

  • Insurance Glossary Understanding Common Insurance Terms

    The policy cash value is used to purchase term life insurance for the amount of coverage or benefit under the original life insurance policy, less outstanding loans. The duration of the extended term insurance is based on the cash surrender value at the time of termination and the extended term insurance table provided in the life insurance contract..

  • What Is An Insurance Endorsement The Balance

    An insurance endorsement is a good way to add extra coverage to your insurance policy or make a change without having to request a whole new policy and may provide other benefits for the policyholder..

  • Insurance Binder Definition And Examples The Balance

    The insurance binder represents the agreement between you and the insurance company and is a confirmation in writing that a policy will be issued and that you are insured. The binder will clearly identify the term of the insurance, the day the insurance coverage becomes effective and the day the .

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